Our Intentions

We noticed a need for a platform in our small community that could leverage some of the resources available on the internet to spread information faster, and allow people to connect with each other.

We love this neck of the woods, and would like to create a centralized and condensed place where people can go to see what is happening around us. Events, shows, classes, meet-ups, nightlife etc; this is a small sampling of the type of content we would like to present at a glance.

The Forums should also be an excellent area for residents and visitors alike to get and give information in a live environment. We would love to facilitate not just the connection of people and services between our friends and neighbors, but hope to encourage tourism to the area by yoking potential visitors with local experts in whatever experience this beautiful area can provide.

As we get this site on its feet, we will undoubtedly be making changes here and there as the rest of the community sees fit.

Please send comments or suggestions to webmaster@nopnow.com.

Our Story

We are a local couple who have lived in this area our entire lives, and have no intention on leaving. We have all seen many changes in the past years, for the good and bad. As we watch our economy slowly pull itself back from the depths, and struggle with our changing commercial landscape, we are excited to see what is next. This website is something we have had in mind for years, and we are just now finding some time to begin getting it on it's feet. We envision NOPNOW to be a place for everyone. We are all aware of how small towns operate differently, and this one is no exception. Everyone knows everybody in some way or another, and we envision this site as a way to fill in that mesh.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by clicking this button.